Helping Mums & Dads All Over The World Get Their Lives Back
Helping Mums & Dads All Over The World Get Their Lives Back
Hey, Sharny & Julius here! We're both 43 years old, have been married for over 20 years, and have 6 beautiful children (that bring us joy every single day).

Even though we’ve always been into fitness, we haven’t always looked like we do now… 

After our 4th child, I (👋 Sharny) was 24kg (~53lbs) overweight and struggled with postpartum depression, and Julius was so busy with work, he’d put on some serious kilos.

We simply couldn’t go on like that, so we decided to change, and for the better too. We gave it our best and in just 12 weeks, we got our lives back! 

We lost all our excess weight, got back in shape, and have gone on to help over 200,000 people achieve similar results!
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    "9 months and 25 kg (55 lbs) between these photos. I've started over several times, taken a few weeks "off" and gotten back into it, had several slip ups etc... But I've reached my goal, just took a bit longer than I had planned!

    So if you are thinking about giving up just because you had a few days of not eating well, don't! Just keep going and eventually you will get there!" - Nina


    "I gave myself 2 years to reach my goal weight of 140lbs from 240lbs. I promised myself that I was going to take things a day at a time and most importantly not give up on me.

    The 8 week Nourish program seemed impossible... but, I took one day at a time. I started to rely on the Facebook Group and gained so much motivation from others that conquered their goals. The positivity of the group is contagious. The encouragement to start again and not over was a constant voice in my head. I started setting NSVs and crushed them. These included buying a goal dress for date night, extra pampering with a massage, and a new outfit.

    Gradually, my lifestyle changed...Today I hit 140lbs! I crushed my timeline and couldn't have done it without this program and amazing support group. Thank you Sharny!" — Nikole J.


    "I used to hate my body. For years and years I struggled with self worth and self image issues. I hated photos of myself, and stayed away from mirrors!

    During the last 11 months, I lost about 28.7kg, but more than that, I gained tons of self love, positive self image, and fell in love with my body! I still have a long way to go, but I forgave myself/my body, and can now be a positive role model for my 2 kids, especially my daughter!

    Sharny and the rest of you lovely people, I can't thank you enough for what this program has done for me! The weight loss is a great bonus, but what has happened in my head and in my heart, is way more valuable!!!" — Maritha
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    Where Are We?
    Catch up on our most recent episode of The Kiesers, as we juggle work, fitness, healthy eating, home schooling and parenting 6 kids all while travelling full time:
    About Sharny & Julius Kieser

    I’m Sharny

    The positive “me” you see was not always the same person. 

    My body was covered in stretch marks, and I used to weigh 30kg (66lbs) more.
    I also used to suffer from BAD PostNatal Depression and my mind was in a really dark place.

    I’m Julius

    I used to be fat and furious. 

    I had no patience for my kids, and couldn't have fun.

    Perpetually tired, “I’m so busy with work” was all my kids ever heard. 
    Now we exercise for LESS than 15 minutes a day, spend more time with with our kids, and are healthier and happier than ever...
    Less stressed, full of FUN and ENERGY!

    Now, we want to help mums and dads from all over the world feel better, look better, and be happier. 

    That's why we're on this journey with you.