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Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum Online Program
Only $47.00 USD one time EVER
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What you get:
For a one time payment of ONLY $47 you will get LIFETIME access to the program and any future upgrades.
January 2022 update: New Year resolution upgrade. You'll get FREE access to my "8 Weeks of Weekly Q&As" in our Facebook group. I'll be there to help you at every step of your fitness journey.
8 Week Fitness Program:
  • ​Doesn't matter your fitness level or experience
  • ​8 weeks of short daily workouts in video format (and printable)
  • ​2 exercise programs (Short or Extended)
  • ​All Short Workouts are super effective, under 5 minutes, need no equipment and can be done in any small space.
  • ​all extended workouts can be done in under 15 minutes without leaving the house
  • ​all workouts can be done with kids around
  • All workouts are different and FUN!
  • ​Workouts get more challenging as you get fitter (and you will - FAST!)
  • No equipment needed
  • you choose how many workouts you do each week
  • ​​printable workout sheets
  • bonus workouts if you want to do more
6 Different Eating Options:
6 eating options for ALL types of mums explained in video by Sharny (all included in your lifetime membership)
    Eat yourself happy
    while losing weight.  This is not a fast fat loss meal plan - if you want that, choose Nourish.
    Choose this if you want to be told EXACTLY what to eat and when - this is the fastest possible fat loss plan AND it's made for you to get SUPER healthy; NOT starved and depleted.
    Choose this if you don't want to eat meat
    for increasing milk supply and quality while losing weight - also helps improve fussy/colic babies and improves sleep.
    Simplify Ketosis and incorporate Periodic Fasting for fast fat loss (this is also called Low Carb/No Carb/Banting/Atkins/fasting etc)
    For mothers who don't want to lose weight, just eat healthier
    Choose this for the most popular recipes in the program
All meals are real food based, easy to prepare and family friendly. Nothing fancy, 'cause who's got time for that?

Also, the FitMum FitDad group of over 35,000 mums is stacked full with thousands of recipes and many more each week.
Support Group (over 35,000 moms):
We’ve long understood how beneficial it is to feel supported in your workout program. The Secret Facebook Group (over 35,000 mums) is the perfect place to connect with other mums who are on the same journey as you. 

There are thousands of mums in the group that have been where you are and transformed their lives over the years.  They're still in there, helping daily - it's like the bestie group you've been wanting to meet. 

We really want you to start looking after yourself starting TODAY. So we're going to entice you EVEN MORE by giving you access to the group for FREE if you sign up today.

Tania lost 31kg (68lb)

"Fitmum inspired me so much that my husband joined me.  I lost 30kg and he lost 28kg.  He's off his depression meds and we've never been happier.
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One TIme Offer: Would you like to add the Fit, Healthy Happy Mum eBook to your order for only $7? (normally $27) - It's Sharny's inspiring story of losing 24kg after the birth of her 4th baby

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Shelley lost 8kg (17lb)

“Your program is the only one that has worked for me-and I've tried a ton! It's easy to follow and it fits into a busy mums schedule. The quick but effective workouts are awesome.”

Georgia lost 13kg (28lb)

“What a wonderful, life changing fitness program!! I will follow this style of living for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much for making it affordable and so easily accessible.”

Cora lost 12kg (26lb)

“This program has changed my life! I STILL cannot believe it's only $47. How much would you pay to become the queen in your life? Just do it.”

Sarah lost 30kg (66lb)

“This program works, it makes sense. I have achieved more than I thought possible and I haven't been this weight since I was 16. Miracles DO happen when you're focussed and don't let anything stand in your way."

Stacey lost 23kg (50lb)

“I am a size 8 for the first time in my life…and no one can believe I am 51 years oldI feel amazing and in control. My family are so proud of me and have adopted quite a few healthy habits of their own.
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