The only program on earth to CLOSE ab separation AND heal incontinence WITHOUT surgery, from the privacy of your own home.
The entire program is delivered by Fitness Expert and mom of 6 Sharny Kieser in short easy to digest, fun videos (on any device or our app) with downloadable printable pdfs.

1. Ab Separation Repair Program

Specific, gentle, targeted exercises to close your ab separation FAST without Surgery.
You can do all of these exercises at home with no equipment in about 5-10 minute a day

2. Pelvic Floor Program

A six stage exercise program to increase your pelvic strength in just 5 minutes a day (or every second day)
  • Stage 1 where most programs hope to get you
  • Stage 2 where most women are before kids
  • Stage 3 unattainable by most women
    (until now) 
  • ​Stage 4 will make any man your willing servant for life 
  • Stage 5 strong enough to shoot ping pong balls across rooms
  • Stage 6 crush ping pong balls, open cans, rule the world strong.
*You won't be able to open cans or rule the world lol, but that's what you'll feel like!
The problem with other programs was how clinical they were and how oh…so… booooooring…

SCPF is fun, REAL, lots of giggles and we’ve even got a workout you can do with hubby (so he NEVER complains about you spending money).
And it's not just him who is going to be happy - hello multiple full body orgasms!!

3. Access to our dedicated support crew 24/7

We're not going to leave you alone!  We've got a full time amazing support crew here to help you every step of the way.  You can contact them via email or chat.

4. Access to our exclusive Facebook group

I’m not here to just tell you what to do. We’re here to help you every single step of the way. Join today and you’ll receive unlimited access to our exclusive Facebook Community Group, where you can interact with other moms, exchange ideas, share your progress, ask questions and talk to us! The group is managed 24/7 and we have a “no negativity” policy - we’re all there to help, not judge. You’ll be amazed at how honest, brave and caring the ladies are and how similar their stories will be to yours.

5. Bonuses!

We love bonuses!  If you get the program today, we're going to sweeten the deal by giving you a whole bunch of bonuses!

General exercises
7 videos on what exercises to do and what to avoid

Power Mom Mindset
4 powerful videos to change the way you look at yourself immediately so you can step into your power as a woman and a mom.

Change your relationship with your body FOREVER!

How to LOVE yourself NOW!

How to be unconditionally happy!

13 revealing videos on the hidden effects foods have on how fast you can repair

We'll also throw in a bunch of recipes!

Nerdy Stuff Simplified
Most programs were so bent on telling you what was wrong with you. In a few weeks you won’t even care because you will be cured.

This section is basically a summary of what you'll get from other programs or from your physio or doctor.

I’ve included this section for people who just love to know more. I know I do - I love to get into the nitty gritty of “why”.  You know, the science and the research and basically geeking out.

Easy stretch routine to loosen your joints and make you feel free from all the pains you have picked up from pregnancy and birth and life...

Power Core
Exercises to do when you’re healed for super core strength.
Let me show you the exact process I went through to repair my core and pelvic floor, regain control, and best of all... make it stronger than its ever been in my life.

Click below to get instant access to the program. It’s only $37 and you get lifetime access (no more to pay ever). 

I’ve explained everything in great detail (and a lot of giggling!) It’s definitely not some boring assed ebook or clinically scripted program. 

It’s just so much fun!
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